“Made in Laos” Fair to Open but Raises Confusion


The Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI) will hold the 6th Made in Lao Fair at Vientiane’s Lao-ITECC from May 10-19 for the country’s businesses to display their products to local and international buyers. 

However, the Made in Laos page of the LNCCI’s website focusses on “Branding Lao Promotion and Development Facility”, with a “Made in Laos” logo at the top. 

With the aim of supporting Made in Laos, We Are Lao’s site added a “Made in Laos” filtered search engine that directly connects site visitors to the businesses. Googling “Made in Laos” often finds this WeAreLao.com link on top. 

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) muddied the waters on 10 November 2017 with a press release entitled “Brand Lao works for better livelihoods”.

The release never mentioned Made in Laos, but rather launched “Brand Laos” in partnership with the LNCCI.

We Are Lao caught up to Brand Laos’ UNDP representative, Stephen Kreppel, late last year. He was hard pressed to answer questions concerning this initiative, became very frustrated, and walked away from the discussion.

Little has been heard of Brand Laos since its 2017 launch, and it appears as if the project vanished in the mist.

However Made in Laos marches ahead, and this year’s fair will continue promoting Lao products. The LNCCI is also heavily involved in promoting Lao products to foreign markets.

Mark May 10-19 on your calendar, and see what Laos has to offer.

Click here to read the Asian News Network’s article on this year’s Made in Laos Fair. 


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