Luxury Homestay Opens in Khmu/Hmong Village


Ban San Oudom village, Northern Laos

This village of 70 families is in Xieng Ngern district about an hour drive from the picturesque UNESCO city of Luang Prabang.

Ban San Oudom looks over Phonsaart with mountainous views of raw primary jungle. It is a beautiful area and now tourists have the opportunity to experience village life whilst bringing much-needed income into the local village by staying in the newly built Eco bungalow.

The village home stay is built from clay bricks and provides a little bit of luxury where sensitive and culturally interested travellers can enjoy an ethnic interaction responsibility while staying in ecologically built accommodation that supports the community with ongoing income.

The newly finished homestay is an adobe build made with local clay, straw and water. The only material brought in from the outside world is the concrete used for the foundation. Tiger Trail Travel and World Volunteer have been providing immersive cultural exchanges for students to the village for 3 years to build the eco bungalow. Students have come from Beirut, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, UK, Germany, Sweden, Korea, China and Malaysia.

They spend 4-5 days a week working on the eco bungalow making solid bricks, building walls and plastering the walls with a mix made from sand and tapioca. The students learn about responsible development and visit other community-based projects in the area such as Khaiphen Restaurant, the Lao Buffalo Dairy, TAEC and Big Brother Mouse.

Tiger Trail Travel and World Volunteer have a long-standing partnership bringing school groups to Laos to support local communities by building eco bungalows. The three eco bungalows they have built provide an ongoing revenue stream to communities.

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