Luang Prabang’s First Holistic Health Spa Center Opens


The SayNam Holistic Health Spa Center opened on 10 January 2020 at Wat Hat Siew on the Mekong Road in Phakhom Village to provide health care through treatments, teachings and training sessions.

The temple’s abbot Ajarn Ounheuan gave permission to holistic therapists to offer and share their knowledge and experiences to the Lao Community.

A “holistic approach” means thinking about the big picture. When treating a person, therapists see the whole person and their environment, not just the symptoms. A holistic approach takes physical, mental and emotional health into account, while considering social factors.

The treatments at SayNam Holistic Health Spa Center are based on bodywork and herbs to prevent illness and support recovery from pain, surgery and previous illnesses. Teachings and training sessions will be offered by international and Lao teachers.

The center will also offer tourists a daily Vipassana Meditation activity and teach Buddhist traditions.

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