l’Elephant’s Last Straw


The l’Elephant Group of five restaurants is joining the push against plastic straws in Luang Prabang, by serving drinks without tubes unless patrons request them.

The restaurants are reporting that the results are quite good, with only a few customers asking for straws.

l’Elephant’s participation in Luang Prabang’s “No Straw” project is part of the restaurant group’s ongoing effort to eliminate plastic pollution and drive towards sustainability.

l’Elephant’s five eateries currently deliver meals by electric vehicles. They centralize purchasing to limit food waste, cook as much as possible from scratch to avoid packaging, and offer food that won’t be sold on time to orphanages.

They separate waste and recycle it or convert into energy, give bones to dogs, and use of recyclable Bento boxes for take away meals.

Since the beginning of the year, l’Elephant has recycled more than 48 kg of cans and 118 kg of plastic.

l’Elephant Restaurants  


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