L’Elephant Offers 5-Restaurant “Culinary Tour” Deal in Luang Prabang

The L’Elephant family of fine dining restaurants is offering a progressive Culinary Tour deal at its five Luang Prabang eateries for visitors, locals, and expats.

Diners can start their Culinary Tour at any of L’Elephant’s sister restaurants, where you’ll receive a voucher for a 5% discount at the group’s latest addition, Le Calao.

After enjoying authentic royal cuisine and traditional Lao, ethnic, and seasonal dishes or fine Western food at Le Calao, you’ll receive a 10% discount voucher for any of L’Elephant group’s eateries.

Here, the cashier will hand you a 15% discount coupon for the L’Elephant sister restaurant of your choice, and finally a 20% discount to another of the group’s establishments to end your Culinary Tour.

Aside from Le Calao, the Culinary Tour can take you to: 

  • – L’Elephant Restaurant Francais for French Cuisine and Lao food,
  • – L’Elephant Vert for ethnobotanical cuisine along with vegan and vegetarian dishes,
  • – Coconut Garden for Asian and Western food suitable for everyone, and
  • – Le Cafe Ban Vat Sene, a bistro/café featuring Asian food and food court, Western dishes, home-made pastries, a tea selection, waffles, honey toasts, and crepes.

The Culinary Tour deal is valid through 30 September 2018

Visit www.elephant-restau.com.

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