Laos-China Rail Construction Reaches Vientiane

The Laos-China Railway Project gave journalists a look at the railroad’s progress on the relatively flat Vientiane Plain.

The Vientiane Times reported on 9 July, they had joined other local and regional media agencies on a trip to the construction site, though they did not name the location.

A Chinese staff member from the Laos-China Railway Project told the media that they had already fabricated the approximately 800 beams required for an eco-friendly overpass, but did not reveal the length of this stretch of the high-speed railway.

“Normally, concrete beams can be produced at a rate of one a day, but we can do four if we do so quickly,” she said. These will then be placed on pylons to support the rails.  

Mr Yuan from the project said the construction of this stretch of overhead railway is now 40 percent complete, and stressed its eco-friendly design.

“Most high-speed rail bridges are built in the cities. Yet here farmers can also plant crops under the bridge, and people can use traditional roads in their villages,” he said.

The raiway is set to open in 2021

Source: Vientiane Times Reporters

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