Lao Tourism Revenue: Please Check my Math

In 2011, tourism development guru, Peter Semone, told the 3rd LANITH Symposium, “Today we will discuss how…to achieve one billion dollars in revenue by 2020.” His crystal ball appeared to be working, as 2019’s take was USD 934,710,409. A 2020 billion-dollar target looked doable.

But who is spending how much? Thailand looks good. They generally spend about USD 104 over a one-to-three-day visit. Vietnam puts in about USD 87 for a similar short stay. China, on the other hand unloads some USD 205 during the same time frame.

The math turns fuzzy, or extremely coincidental, when looking at Korea, the US, France, Japan, the UK, Germany, and Australia, all of whom dished out the exact same USD 663.275 during an average five-day stay, according to the report.

Laos tourism revenue 2019

Source: Tourism Development Department

Is my calculator off? Please comment.


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