Lanith Luang Prabang Holds a Certificate Ceremony


On 7 December, a certificate ceremony was held for the 45 students who graduated from three training courses delivered by Lanith Luang Prabang in Food Production, Food and Beverage Services and Housekeeping.

These C1-accredited, three-month long programmes combine a variety of components including intensive practical skills training, theoretical knowledge, English language training and an introduction into the tourism and hospitality industry via site visits.  

Lanith Luang Prabang then support the students to find employment within the tourism and hospitality sector through their strong industry connections – at the time of graduation 38 of the 45 students have already secured employment in the sector, with the remaining 7 students expected to secure jobs in the coming days.

Targeting people from disadvantaged backgrounds, these training courses are funded by the Skills for Tourism (LAO/029) project, and are designed to help people gain the relevant skills to secure gainful employment within the tourism and hospitality sector.  During 2017-2018, Lanith Luang Prabang have trained over 75 people on these courses, and hope to train a further 120 people during 2019. 

The Skills for Tourism Project (LAO/029) is co-financed by the Governments of Lao PDR, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Switzerland, and implemented by the Ministry of Education and Sports of Lao PDR and the Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency (LuxDev).

Skills for Tourism supports improvements in tourism and hospitality technical and vocational education and training and skills development in Lao PDR. A particular emphasis of the project is to support people from disadvantaged backgrounds to acquire the skills needed to work in hotels, restaurants and the greater tourism economy.

Source: Hospitality Rendezvous Group


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