Kingfisher Eco Lodge

The days of bucket lists, tick boxes and Google maps.


Travel anywhere around the world has become even less ‘adventurous’ then in the early days of the Lonely Planet.

The exception to the rule though is the Lao PDR.

With next to no official marketing of the country most (potential) Travellers rely on the little that is known such as the three UNESCO Heritage site, the Capital, and a previous law-less little village among the karsts.

For motorcycle tourism Laos remains a bit of a difficult country to enter as its big brother Viet Nam is however voices are now speaking up to resolve these difficulties.

More ‘loops’ (I do not really like this word, but it is very contemporary) are popping up all over the Lao PDR and even organized motorcycle tours out of Viet Nam are incorporating parts of Laos in their tours, and for good reason.

More south than Tha Khaek, Khammouane Province, many visitors hardly tough upon. This means that a really off the beaten track experience is, even in these informative days, exceedingly difficult to find.

Here is where Kingfisher Ecolodge, Champasak Province, comes in.

The only lodge/resort in the Xe Pian National Park edging one of the few remaining natural wetlands yet of most modern setup. All 17, standalone wooden stilted bungalows face the wetlands with their migrating birdlife, water buffalo grazing and villagers foraging for their family’s daily protein intake. About sixty kilometers south of Pakse, along the RN18 you will find an oasis of calm, nature, peacefulness and are served by the Ban Kian Ngong local staff.

In the relaxing two Storey restaurant annex reception annex bord game, coffee, bar and reading space, where free Wi-Fi is provided guests share their adventures with each other over a Beer Lao, glass of wine or a coffee/tea.

They will talk about the hike they did up the Phou Asa Mountain with her mystery ruins, their fun and unique boat ride over the wetlands, their early morning birding walk, their visit to the nearby silk weaving village with unique patterns, their mountain bike ride through Ban Kiat Ngong village visiting the old wooden Temple, doing a rural Basi ceremony, or simply soaking up Lao farmers life. An active day is welcomely capped by a cold refreshment at the pool side overlooking the wetlands. A lot of visitors to the Kingfisher Ecolodge are also amazed by the views of the night skies, lacing ambient light pollution, this is, although not restricted to our location in Laos, a mind-blowing experience.







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