Khammouane Waterfalls


Tad Mouang

Meander on a path along a narrow, lush-lined stream, as you follow Tad Mouang spilling down 18 slabs until dropping into a river in the Limestone Forest. To reach the lowest level and trail to the top, walk 1 km from Ban Nahin Village on Route 8. The hike follows a network of old forest trails with wild mango (Mouang) trees. A final climb to a ridge ends at the start of Tad Nam Sanam.   

Tad Nam Sanam

Follow a 1.5-km forested path along a Hinboun River tributary and to a lookout peering at Tad Nam Sanam, a pair of falls spilling over Phou Phaman Mountain. The stream drops from a cliff, and bounces off five stone steps, before reaching the Hinboun River. This waterfall is easily accessible by walking from Ban Nahin on Route 8 to the trail leading to the platform overlooking the falls.

Khon Keo Rapids

Visiting the Blue Lagoon? Follow the path along the Hinboun River to Khon Keo Village, where the river tumbles over a bed of rocks at the Khon Keo Rapids. Below the tumult, calmer pools await for swimming or fishing with the locals.


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