Green Discovery Laos

Green Discovery Laos is an ecotourism company that was established in Laos in 2000 by Inthy Deuansavanh. It was the first company of its kind in Laos, and it has been a pioneer in sustainable tourism in the country.

In the early 1990s, Inthy Deuansavanh, a graduate of the National University of Laos, worked as a tour guide for a local travel company. He saw firsthand the negative impact that tourism was having on local communities and the environment. Inthy was passionate about promoting sustainable and responsible tourism practices, and he believed that tourism could be a positive force for change in Laos.

In 2000, Inthy established Green Discovery Laos with a small team of like-minded individuals. The company started out by offering kayaking and rafting tours on the Nam Ou River, and it quickly gained a reputation for its commitment to sustainable tourism practices. Today, Green Discovery Laos offers a wide range of eco-friendly tours and activities, including trekking, cycling, and homestay experiences.

Over the years, Green Discovery Laos has worked closely with local communities to promote sustainable development and conservation of the natural environment. The company has helped to establish community-based tourism initiatives in remote areas of Laos, providing income and opportunities for local people while protecting the environment.

Inthy Deuansavanh’s vision of responsible and sustainable tourism has had a significant impact on the tourism industry in Laos. His work has been recognized with numerous awards, including the PATA Gold Award for Ecotourism in 2005 and the ASEAN Green Hotel Award in 2016. 



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