Getting to Vientiane Province


Public and VIP busses to towns in the province depart from the capital’s Central Bus Station behind the Morning Market. Busses leave on the hour for Vang Vieng (LAK40,000) and Thalat/Nam Ngum (LAK15,000). A daily bus departs for Kasi at 08:30 for LAK50,000. You can also book passage in a van for Vang Vieng from Vientiane, which generally depart around 09:00-09:30 for the 3-hour trip.

For those more adventurous, take a sawng taew (Pickup trucks with benches) from Vientiane’s Northern Bus Terminal, located west of the city, for a slower scenic ride with locals who get on and off along the way.

Vans and VIP busses are available from Luang Prabang at 09:00, 14:00, and VIP Sleepers depart throughout the evening for the 7-hour drive. Van service is also available from Xieng Khouang, and a VIP sleeper departs Pakse at 13:30. You can also book direct bus and van service from Bangkok.

There are several options for getting to and around the Nam Ngum Lake area. Public busses depart the capital city’s Central Bus Station near the morning market and sawng taews leave from the Northern Bus Terminal, west of the airport, for Thalat Town. From here, you can take a tuk tuk to Na Nam near the dam, or to your guesthouse or resort.

You can also hire a taxi in the capital for about $25 to tour the lake and its surroundings. This option opens up Route 10 to Ban Keun, with plenty of attractions along the way. Taxis also offer independent travellers stops at villages to experience a part of Lao few have visited.

Note: Bus, van and song taew schedules and prices are subject to change. Please check before departing or book through a travel agent.


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