Ethnic Fashion Show at Parasol Blanc


Parasol Blanc, one of the finest Boutique Hotels in Luang Prabang, is hosting an amazing and unique weekly Ethnic Fashion Show. We have the largest collection of authentic traditional Ethnic dresses for male and female, originating from all corners of Laos

This weekly event is scheduled for Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evening at our White Lotus restaurant at Parasol Blanc. Surrounded by green lush gardens, the restaurant is nested directly at a lovely pond, part of UNESCO heritage. This wonderful location gives a unique and magical ambiance to the show.

This unique and genuine show gives all guests and Lao culture lovers a good opportunity to learn and see traditional clothes specific for different ethnicities of Lao. This cultural and enjoyable performance is accompanied by an exquisite Lao set dinner, created by our highly skilled and passionate-about-food Executive Chef Rasika Weerasinghe.

This unique dining experience is a must for anyone who wishes to enjoy a delicious meal whilst discovering the cultural diversity of Laos.

The fee per person to attend the show plus dinner is set at USD 25 net (drinks are not included).

Kindly book your table at least 2 days in advance by email:      

For any last minute bookings, please contact us by phone at (+856) 071 252 124.


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