WAL are updating their Listing Pages

WEARELAO are now moving fo4wards and updating the site, check our home page, new development.

we have opened the doors for advertises to join us.  in doing so we are supporting the Tourism industry once again,

APA Phongsavanh Insurance have their link click on it and go directly to their page see what their offer for insurance for your homes, hotels vehicles, life and health coverage,

along with public liability for hotels resorts, don’t forget “we care” program is still available for the hotels.¬†

CK Travel, will open its link soon one of Laos newest and innovative Travel and tours website, keep an eye on our home page. Well worth the wait!

AVIS Laos: has come on board and will be on our home page click on their box and go directly to their website, with an offer of 10% off if you come through, we are Lao great deal!

check out the home page for Getting round, ¬†Champasak &¬†Luang Prabang all three pages will be linking back to AVIS. don’t¬†miss their offers and deals on their website.

Expat Visa service: just one click away from all your visa needs and support.

Lao Mountain coffee: one of our partners who has been well established here in Laos for a long time, are with us on our new adventure, go to our home page click on their page and go directly thot heir page.

Important News! 

Www.wearelalo.com offers on a weekly basis update for those who have hotels, Resorts, guesthouses, the opportunity to get their listings up in their respected province.

all we need is the following from you, 1 Clear JPEG picture, 100 or so words, www. email address and or a WhatsApp number (FB pages does not work on our site)  

Attapeu and Bokeo have already been sending us their information, our aim is to support the industry as much as we can, we are not a charity though we find helping others is our goal to get seen and noticed.

as we have left the COVID scene and now into the mass Group theme of things, the train and transportation from Thailand and China has made a huge difference and will be more over the next few weeks.  

looking forward to supporting you all!