Trash Idol Luang Prabang

“Trash Idol hopes to make Luang Prabang a clean and green place for all of us,” said co-founder Somsack Sengta, owner of the UNESCO city’s Blue Lagoon Restaurant.

A group of volunteers, supported by Urban Development and Administration Authority, established Trash Idol in 2014, to organize activities on waste management and other environmental issues.

“We arrange monthly clean-up days in Luang Prabang, and we help clean up the city after special events such as the Lao New Year, Boat Racing Festival, and Earth Day, as well as train volunteers,” Mr Somsak noted.

He said Luang Prabang is aware of its waste management issues, and stressed that the city wants to join the global community in pushing the environment as a top priority.

“The people of Luang Prabang are also concerned about the environment, and we would like to address environmental issues and make a difference for our next generations,” Mr Somsak explained.

“We are looking to raise awareness of environmental issues, and educate our young and local citizens in order to change their behaviours.”

Joining Mr Somsak as co-founders of Trash Idol Luang Prabang are Maison Souvannaphoum Hotel’s Alichith Phengsavanh, Gender Base Violence Project Director Chansamai Rattanasouvannaphon, and Luang Prabang Tennis Club Founder Anousith Phonesavath.     

“We are a team of volunteers working to ensure that Trash Idol Luang Prabang runs smoothly and the fund is used appropriately,” Mr Somsak said.