The Rock Viewpoint at Phu Pha Marn :The Peak of the Thakhek Loop


Press Release: Green Discovery Laos


Looking at the title, you must be wondering: Wait, what is this place? Well, with little to non-existent search results, it is indeed unlikely for one to know what this destination endows. This exact place is instrumental to the opening of one of the natural beauties of Khammouane Province, Phou Hin Boun National Protected Area, to sustainable tourism. Located in Central Laos, this awe-inspiring National Protected Area boasts one of the largest limestone forest in all of Asia. Despite the magical atmosphere created by the endless limestone mountains and cascading waterfalls hidden in the virgin forest, it is one of the least known natural wonders of Laos.

The Viewpoint at Phu Pha Marn has been developed into a viewpoint which will leave its visitors astounded by the breath-taking view it offers. As one of the main features of this attraction, it has been given the nickname “The Peak of The Loop”.

Apart from possessing all the classic features of a viewpoint, such as photography spots, souvenir shops and toilets, it also offers a wide range of unique activities.

Zip-lines that fly between the mountains, canopy walks, and spider net, shape a fascinating itinerary that has been carefully designed for visitors to experience the National Protected Area as never before, while leaving as small an impact as possible in Phou Hin Boun’s natural ecosystem.

Green Discovery Laos, Lao’s leader in adventure and eco-tourism, has created this viewpoint where visitors can experience a complete immersion in nature. Development of this viewpoint will have two objectives; promoting tourism in the region and ensuring the future preservation of the National Protected Area as one of the country’s most unique and unspoilt natural landscapes.

Inthira Group, known for its high-end hotels and restaurants, will add the exclusive touch to the complex. The hospitality expert will manage the viewpoint’s food and beverages selection, creating amazing dishes from fresh products provided by the surrounding local communities.

This supports Green Discovery Laos’ desire to invigorate the region’s economy, where by it involves local communities in its sustainable development.

“We think that Phou Hin Boun has a huge potential for sustainable activities. People has been passing by the park for a long time, but now we want to give them the opportunity to go further into the area and explore its amazing nature and unique wildlife from a closer point of view. GDL wants tourism to preserve the beauty of the park and involve the local communities so it truly benefits the area”, said Inthy Deuansavanh, Green Discovery Laos’ president.

A valuable addition to the great selection of sustainable experiences one can enjoy in Laos, everything points to the viewpoint becoming a must-stop for all exploring the roads of central Laos. Phu Pha Marn will act as the Tourist Information Centre for all visitors in Khammouane, serving as a starting point for those wanting to explore the villages, blue lagoons, waterfalls and rich forests in the area.

Having said so much, you are invited to be part of this beginning of a beautiful adventure! The Phu Pha Marn Viewpoint will be opened on 15th December 2019. Be there to see Green Discovery Laos make it possible for all to venture deep into this uncharted National Park, which will be added to the collection of once-in-a-lifetime kind of activities that are unique in Laos!

For sneak peeks of this gorgeous destination, do head over to its Facebook Page, The Rock Viewpoint at Phu Pha Marn.