The Gift of Hope!


And the Chance to Revive Laos’ Wild Elephant Population


Thirty-two-year-old Mae Khampheng spent decades carrying heavy loads of tourists on her back under the burning sun by day, shackled in chains by night. Deprivation was all she knew.

Today—thanks to the Elephant Conservation Center’s Rescue, Rehabilitation & Re-wilding work — Mae Khampheng knows health, joy…and motherhood!

She wanders the forest freely under the watchful eyes of her loving caregivers with her newborn baby girl by her side!

The birth of a tiny elephant in the quiet forests of Sayaboury Province in Laos on Christmas Day in 2020 was a powerful symbol of hope for Laos’ rapidly declining elephant population.

Indeed, it was a gift to us all.

For the ECC staff, that moment on Christmas Day was an emotional celebration of 20 years of teamwork that has blended science, research, compassion, and struggle to create a ‘formula’ for success for the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-wilding of Laos’ captive elephants.

But all of this — including the future welfare of Mae Khampheng, her tiny baby, and 32 other elephants at the ECC— is currently at risk due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The ECC normally relies on elephant-friendly tourism to support its award-winning elephant conservation, research, and welfare work.
But with international travel impossible in 2020 and 2021, our visitor income has dropped 100%…to zero. In response, we have slashed our operational costs to the bare minimum.

We need your help!
Elephants need your help!

Thank you for your kind support.

Together, we will keep the hope of a forest filled with wild elephants alive!

You can learn more about the costs associated with raising a baby elephant here:
how do we make a baby elephant & how much it costs 

Typically, a $100 donation can support veterinary care a supplementary food for mother and calf during 1 month
a $200 donation
can fund our ‘back to the wild’ release programme for mother and calf during 1 month
a $500 donation
can fund caretaker’s wage & insurance during 1 month

See little Noy receive her first blessing (‘Baci’ ceremony) by ECC Mahouts here:
Baby Elephant Baci Ceremony


•              RESCUE
•              REHABILITATE
•              REWILD

Elephants need your help! And they need your hope!