Sao Sinh Launches “Rent and Roam” Clothes in Luang Prabang


Sao Sinh has launched a “Rent and Roam” clothing service for tourists, who want to experience Luang Prabang while wearing a traditional sinh, the tubular skirt worn by Lao women.

“With Sao Sinh, we want to help you appreciate the traditional sinh of Laos and experience Luang Prabang wearing the country’s beautiful textiles,” said Kristy Best, Director, Sales & Marketing for Traditional Arts & Ethnology Centre (TAEC). “Wearing traditional clothing is respected by local people, particularly when visiting temples, and it helps to keep alive the feeling of Luang Prabang’s history and heritage.”

“Sinh” is the traditional skirt of Laos, and “Sao” means “to rent” or “young woman”. “But you don’t have to be young woman to rent our sinh or clothing,” said Ms Best. “We want everyone and anyone – families, friends, children, and grandparents – to be able to experience the beauty and heritage of Lao traditional clothing.”

The sinh originated from the Tai ethnic groups such as theTai Lao, Tao Dam, and Tai Lue. The traditional tubular skirts come in countless colours, styles, and patterns, usually representing the region or community where the skirt was made.

Simple cotton or synthetic cloth sinhs are worn every day, while silk sinhs are donned for parties, weddings, and official functions. Sinhs are worn by the little girls to go to school, and by grandmothers, who cradle their grandchildren in the skirts while perched on a stool.

“Skilled weavers may spend weeks on (creating) a special silk tapestry-technique sinh, which will be gifted to a new daughter-in-law, or just a few days, on a plain-patterned skirt that will be used day-to-day,” said Ms Best. “Sinhs, like people, have heads, bodies, and feet, and could never be worn upside-down.”

For more information and pricing for Rent and Roam sinhs, visit Sao Sinh’s Facebook page