Record Rooftop Bear Rescue & Panda Palace in Laos


Free the Bears saved a record breaking 11th bear in Laos for the year (10 Lao rescues in 2017) in a tricky rooftop rescue. The team had to coax a young male moon bear down from a roof after the owner threw a tantrum and released him from his cage. They managed to retrieve him safely by luring him with honey, and he is now at the Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary.

Free the Bears also rescued its first Asian golden cat. Bedraggled, starved and terrified when rescued, she now appears to be healthier, calmer and settled into a specially constructed new enclosure.

Free the Bears recently completed a ‘Panda Palace’ in Luang Prabang for its rescued red pandas. This enclosure has several giant teak trees connected by ramps and climbing structures.

On September 15, International Red Panda Day, our three red pandas “princesses” were given their first look at the new palace. First was Mei li (‘beautiful’ in Chinese), followed by Santephaap (‘peace’ in Lao) with shy Zhuxiong (‘bamboo bear’ in Chinese) not far behind. The girls immediately climbed to the top of the trees for a nap with a view.

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