Price Freeze on Rice & Noodle Dishes: Government

Vientiane diners look set to get a good deal on popular Lao dishes. According to “Laopost”, The Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC) announced a new price control policy in Vientiane Capital on pho, kao piek, kao pat, and kao latna.

The notice, dated 25 May, stated that the one-dish menus should not exceed 15,000 kip. If diners request larger than normal dishes or special items, they can negotiate prices with vendors.  

The new policy is part of the government’s efforts to curb inflation and ensure average citizens can afford food, while food vendors can still show a profit.

Food vendors that need to alter their prices must seek approval from the Vientiane Department of Industry and Commerce, by detailing the costs of their ingredients and materials.

The MOIC has asked the Vientiane Department of Industry and Commerce and the Vientiane Department of Information, Culture and Tourism and other relevant bodies to cooperate and ensure compliance among restaurant vendors.

Source: Laopost, Mahason Magazine