Paul Burnett Tapped as Summit Tours Executive Director

Following the recent partnership between Summit Tours and Green Discovery to launch Summit Discovery, Summit Tours has appointed Paul Burnett as its Executive Director.

“Paul brings decades of managerial experience to our organization,” said Bert Wollen, CEO and Founding Director of Summit Tours. “He has a sound knowledge of the Lao landscape, having been a traveller here for the past 12 years, and residing in both Luang Prabang and Vientiane for five years.”

Mr Wollen added, “He’s also an environmentally active and outdoorsy type of guy, who loves and respects the great outdoors, and has trekked and explored places that I wouldn’t dream of visiting!”

Mr Burnett explained Summit’s itineraries. “Our tours offer an amazing opportunity for travellers, who want to view this incredible country from a new and lofted perspective. Never before has this type of experience been available in a tour package format.”

He stressed the importance of the matchup up with Green Discovery. “To be working with the Green Discovery team is a serious privilege. What these guys don’t know about adventure locations in Laos isn’t worth writing about. We are currently exploring some great new potential locations in the north of Laos with the Green Discovery adventure team.”

Mr Burnett zeroed in on the Summit-Green concept and connection. “We are offering our guests a unique experience that will stay with them forever. Laos is bestowed with outstanding natural wonders. Add in the cultural and historical attractions, and we enjoy an amazing array of locations to suit everybody.”

He added, “I’m very strong on environmental and cultural sustainability, and this fits perfectly with a wonderful organization like Green Discovery.”

Summit Discovery offers discerning travellers Laos’ only helicopter tours via an exclusive partnership with Lao Skyway. The collaboration of all companies involved aims to push Lao tourism to a new and exciting level.

The management, ground staff, and experienced guides of Summit Discovery are currently exploring new and unique locations to add to their portfolio of cultural, spiritual, historical, and soft adventure experiences.

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