Northern Lao Provinces Target Asean CBT Standards


By Souknilundon Southivongnorath
Tourism officials in three northern provinces learned the process for major tourism sites to meet ASEAN Community Based Tourism Standards.
The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism together with staff from Bokeo, Oudomxay and Luang Prabang tourism departments convened three training sessions on the evaluation of Asean Community Based Tourism Standards at the Gibbon Experience in Bokeo, Namkat Yorla Pa in Oudomxay, and Kuang Xi waterfall in Luang Prabang province.
Asean Tourism Standards trainer Mr Hinphet Sayavong said the sessions were very important if tourist attractions hoped to win awards for achieving Asean Community Based Tourism Standards. If their evaluations were not in keeping with these standards, they wouldn’t be eligible for an award.
“There are many evaluation forms that have to be filled in for submission to Asean Community Based Tourism Standards officials, if an application for an award is made. This is the agreement among Asean tourism ministers, who would like to see all local communities at Asean tourism sites benefiting from tourism,” Mr Hinphet said.
The training sessions were led by the Director General of the Tourism Development Department, Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, Mr Aloun Bounmisay, together with the directors of the three provincial tourism departments from October 21-27.
The Tourism Development Department said the Asean Community Based Tourism Standards are among seven Asean tourism standards adopted by Asean tourism ministers, and all of the participating countries are working to achieve them.
The main objective of the standards is to help Asean nations jointly improve the quality of community-based tourism, as this is seen as important for developing tourism and increasing the number of visitors.
“The concept of successful community-based tourism is that local people benefit from tourist attractions by working in the services, hospitality, food and other sectors,” Mr Hinphet explained.
This not only provides people with jobs but also helps to improve quality in many aspects of tourism.
The Tourism Development Department will continue to assist tourist attractions across the country to qualify for Asean standards awards.
Source: Vientiane Times