Newly discovered Phaka Cave opens in Vientiane


Adventure seekers can now take boat to explore the recently discovered Phaka Cave in Vientiane’s Maed District, about 200 km north of the capital near Vang Vieng and the new tourist destination, Nam Feuang.

Phaka Cave

According to Vientiane Times, Phaka Cave, accessible only by boat, is 120 metres high, 400 metres wide, and about 8 km long, making it larger than well-known Konglor Cave.

Though locals have known about Phaka for generations, it wasn’t until the past couple of years that a group of Japanese spelunkers began to explore the cave.

Phaka Cave

While the cave has yet to be fully reconnoitred, the Japanese team reported that water from the Nam Feuang River fills Phaka year around. Maed District Office of Information, Culture and Tourism reported that visitors cannot walk the entire cave, as the water is too deep in places. However, adventurers can boat and wander inside, inspect the limestone formations, and swim in its waters.

To visit the cave, contact Nam Feuang village authorities, who can arrange transportation by local residents, and includes a 19-km boat ride.

Tourists to Maed District can also explore Moum Cliff and Huay Chad, Huay Khamleab and Huay Pan Waterfalls.

Source: Vientiane Times, by Siladda Souliyong