Navigate the Covid-19 Maze with PATA’s Latest Guide and Resource Kits

PATA’s Crisis Communications Center has published two resources to help the travel trade navigate their way through the Covid-19 Pandemic maze. These are now available at Downloads | We Are Lao.

Laos Covid Travel

PATA Destination Marketing Guide for Covid-19

The resources here are a guide for a managed discussion with Destination Managers and the trade and will need to be adapted for each destination. This will include gaining access to and using data to guide the discussion, as well as past and current destination marketing materials and case studies, as listed in the Facilitator Guide. Download https://wearelao.com

Laos Covid Travel

PATA Covid-19 Resource Kit

PATA’s Crisis Resource Center has published a toolbox to guide the private sector travel businesses through the Covid-19 pandemic. These guides dive into pertinent topics including Communication Strategies, Covid-19 Signage Kit, Crisis Communications Planner, and Hospitality, SME, and Tour Operator Recovery Kits. Download https://wearelao.com