Nahm Dong: All-in-One Sustainable Park in Luang Prabang

Sustainability and ecotourism are the names of the game at Nahm Dong Park that presents 18 hectares of nature with loads of activities for all or just relaxation about 10 km from the center of Luang Prabang. 

Nahm Dong Luang Prabang

Nahm Dong offers an activity menu for all ages and desires. For action in nature, visitors can tackle a zipline and treetop walking courses. Creative guests will find classes in making mulberry paper and Tai Leu dreamcatchers, Hmong embroidery, and traditional Lao cooking. Overnight guests can campout in tents or stay in a Lao house. The list also includes hiking and the Garden of Senses. There is something for everyone at Nahm Dong Park.


Nahm Dong Luang Prabang

The six-station zipline course runs more than 800 meters, with platforms to enjoy forest and waterfall views. Two courses present a choice for all skill and thrill levels. Zipline tours are kid-friendly and safe for all ages, and present a great activity for individuals, groups, and families looking for fun in nature.

Treetop Walk

Nahm Dong Luang Prabang

The 200-meter-long hanging treetop walk features five stations, including four walking obstacle lines and one zipline.

Mulberry Paper Workshop

Nahm Dong Luang Prabang

This workshop teaches all the steps in handmaking paper from the mulberry tree, leading to a finished product to take home. The long fibers give the paper a distinctive finish with a fine edge when torn, and since it is handmade, no two pieces are the same.

Bamboo Weaving

Nahm Dong Luang Prabang

Lao people, and Nahm Dong Park, still widely use bamboo basketry in everyday life. Visitors to the park can learn all about bamboo and its uses from the resident master, which leads to weaving a basket, placemat, and other items that make great souvenirs.   

Half-day Cooking Class

Nahm Dong Luang Prabang

Eat what you pick and cook while discovering traditional Lao cuisine in this class. Wannabe chefs visit the park’s organic vegetable and herb garden to learn about and pick some of the ingredients in the recipes provided in a booklet. Then it’s time to hit the kitchen to cook five dishes for lunch.

Make a Tai Lue Dreamcatcher

Nahm Dong Luang Prabang

The Tai Lue ethnic group believes a dreamcatcher protects sleeping people from bad dreams while bringing good luck. Visitors taking this workshop will create their own Tai Lue dreamcatcher to take home as a souvenir from Nahm Dong Park. 

Hmong Embroidery Class

Nahm Dong Luang Prabang

The Hmong people traditionally embroider their clothing for decoration, and now use it on scarves, table cloths and pillow cases. In this class, Hmong families at the park teach participants how to do this age-old art.

The Garden of Senses

Nahm Dong Luang Prabang

Enter the 1,000-sqm Garden of Senses dedicated to humans’ five senses, along with an area for traditional Lao medicinal plants. A walk through the garden presents a natural banquet of sites, smells, sounds, tastes, and feel, leaving visitors with a new experience when exploring a garden.

Go for a Hike

Nahm Dong Luang Prabang

Nahm Dong offers a hike for everybody. Nature lovers of all ages can head out on a choice of routes through the park’s forests and gardens to waterfalls and viewpoints. Hikers can venture out on their own or go with a guide who can talk about what you see.

Go Camping

Nahm Dong Luang Prabang

Tent camping has become the latest craze in Laos, with more and more people opting to spend the night under the stars while sitting around a campfire. Tents, sleeping bags, and mattresses are available for rent at campsites that have toilets and showers. Overnight guests can also rent a traditional Lao Loum house.

Great for Groups

Nahm Dong Luang Prabang

Nahm Dong Park presents the perfect place for holding an event, whether it’s for lunch, incentive activities, meetings, staff parties, or birthdays. The park can accommodate groups of up to 150 people.

Restaurant & Bar

Nahm Dong Luang Prabang

Nahm Dong’s restaurant and bar serves organic drinks and traditional Lao food with ingredients fresh from the garden. Relax over a meal or drink while enjoying the natural surroundings. 

Viewpoint Café

Nahm Dong Luang Prabang

Check out the Viewpoint Café and enjoy a cup of coffee in the forest while looking over the canyon and valley.

Contact Nahm Dong Park


Facebook: Nahm Dong Park Luangprabang


Tel: +856 030 560 9821, 030 5609 822

How to Get to Nahm Dong Park

Nahm Dong Luang PrabangClick on photo for Google Map.

FITs and groups can hire a driver. Those renting a motorcycle will head south of Luang Prabang (see map).

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