Made In Laos

 Made in Laos, this is a brand in itself. have set up a listing page on the home page since we began with only a few. 

interested parties, a shame in some ways as we support the Tourism industry and all that works side by side, items made in Laos is one of the

items people look for when they come on vacation or trips to Laos. where you can how it’s been set up; these listing connect back to your company directly.

 the drop-down boxes cover each province giving those look at certain provinces and products can see what’s where and from who, 

send us your information, we will need the following:

  • one picture or logo
  • 100 plus words describing your business what your selling.
  • telephone or WhatsApp number
  • www 
  • email address
  • (Facebook links won’t work)

we offer this as a free listing and you need to create the above for us, if you can’t write in English ask a friend to do for you.

looking forward to hosting you for Free on Made in Laos 

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