Luang Prabang Hosting 4-Day “Simply Beautiful” Celebration

Luang Prabang is holding Ngam Thae Oh (Oh Luang Prabang, You’re Simply Beautiful) events from 4-7 July, to promote the UNESCO city and beyond to Nambak and Ngoi districts.

Ngam Thae Oh is one of the main activities planned by the province in celebrating Visit Laos Year 2018, said Luang Prabang provincial governor, Khankham Chanthavisouk.

“This event showcases our unique local culture including the display and demonstration of handicrafts, sculpture, local food, One District One Product (ODOP) products, and traditional performances,” he added.

The event includes a FAM trip for international bloggers and travel media to meet local tourism business and travel to outlying Nambak and Ngoi districts.

The 40-plus writer are currently on a journey to visit traditional weaving villages, explore caves and nature, look at old wooden houses, and enjoy the view from the top of Phouphadeng hill in Luang Prabang Province’s secondary destinations.

Deputy Director of the province’s Information, information and Tourism Department, Soudaphone Khomthavong, told the Vientiane Times that highlighting these two districts as the province’s secondary tourist destinations is aimed at expanding tourism and tapping potential in surrounding areas. 

Visitors will be able to sample authentic local lifestyle in Nambak’s Nayang village, where many people spend their days weaving and dyeing textiles using natural methods. The village’s products are among the province’s five items made under the ODOP scheme.

This district also has plenty of old wooden houses, which may be developed as home-stay accommodation for guests. In addition, Tham Phakuang and Phathok are well known caves with potential for being a major draw.  

FAM trip participants will also climb the towering Phouphadeng hill near Nong Khiew Pond in Ngoi. From the top, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view over the Nam Ou River, which is surrounded by untouched nature.

Mrs Soudaphone said she used to hike up this hill and it took 90 minutes to reach the top. The area is dominated by the rushing river, dense jungle and green hills.

Visitors to these two districts can also enjoy local delicacies including Or Lam (meat mix with eggplant, vegetables and dried cattle skin), Jaew Bong (a sauce made with hot chillies and buffalo skin) and Khaipan (dried riverweed, lightly fried with sesame seeds and garlic).

Source: Vientiane Times