LPQ Deaf&Mute Community Launch Handicraft Line


The Luang Prabang Deaf&Mute Community’s Special Education Handicraft School has produced a catalogue featuring products now available their shop.

Visitors can choose bamboo straws, pillows, laptop and shoulder bags, aprons, scarves, table cloths, and purses.

The School for the Deaf and Mute in Luang Prabang holds 85 students from various communities in Laos, and is supported by various organizations and charities to teach the children sign language and community learning skills, so they can integrate into the society as part of the labor force.

Students learn weaving, bamboo and basket making, agricultural , wood working and mechanical skills for the boys, and you can see the products they have created and are now selling at their shop and cafe in Luang Prabang. Please support them with a purchase.

Some of the products made by the apprentices can be ordered by businesses (hotels, tourism agencies, restaurants) are Also available in their shop.

Click here to visit their website.

Download the full catalogue.