It’s Official: 50 Ethnic Groups in Laos

Ethnic Lao

On 12 December, the ongoing session of the National Assembly approved the Brou as the country’s 50th official ethnic group.

The announcement was made at the 3rd National Ethnic Conference at the National Convention Centre in Vientiane.

According to Vientiane Times, the government divides the nation’s 50 distinct ethnic groups into four main categories. (Spelling as per Vientiane Times).

The eight Lao-Tai groups include Lao, Phouthai, Tai, Lue, Nhuan, Young, Saek, and Thai Neua.

With the addition of the Brou, the Mone-Khmer family now has 32 ethnic groups including Khmu, Pray, Singmou, Khom, Thene, Idou, Bid, Lamed, Samtao, Katang, Makong, Try, Trieng, Ta-oi, Yeh, Brao, Harak, Katou, Oi, Krieng, Yrou, Souai, Nhaheune, Lavy, Kabkae, Khmer, Toum, Ngouane, Meuang, and Kri.

The Tibeto-Burmese family has seven ethnic groups: Ahka or Ekor, Singsali, Lahou, Sila, Hayi, Lolo, and Hor, and the Hmong-Ioumien has two main tribes: Hmong-Ioumien and Yao.

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