Inthira Boosts Green Efforts in 2019


The Inthira Group of hotels and restaurants has declared 2019 as a year of sustainability and environmental conservation for the company.

To kick off 2019’s green push, Inthira has joined the “Refill not Landfill” campaign, created in Siem Reap, Cambodia, to reduce plastic water bottle pollution in Asia.

“Thanks to this initiative, there are now 683 water refill stations throughout Asia,” said Inthira Communication Manager Margaux Canales. “We believe all businesses can participate at their own scale to preserve the environment, and for us it starts by offering free water refills at our Khop Chai Deu restaurants in Vientiane and Thakaek.”

Ms Canales said guests will soon be able to buy top quality stainless steel bottles, to participate to this campaign and change their habits for the better. 

“As a hospitality and tourism company, it is of great concern for us to act to preserve our beautiful environment, and it is our responsibility to influence the way tourists consume water during their travel in Laos, by taking eco-friendly initiatives, said Ms Canales.

“We hope many more partners will join this global campaign in Laos, to raise awareness and act together on a global scale against plastic pollution.”

She said the Refill not Landfill campaign is Inthira’s first of its 2019 rollouts of eco-friendly initiatives, with more to be undertaken throughout the year.  

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