Heuan Chan Heritage House Keeps Cooking in Luang Prabang

Heuan Chan Heritage House is now offering immersive cooking classes to discover the complexities of Luang Prabang’s traditional food and the role it plays in the locals’ way of life.

“We are not giving you recipes and know-how, but you will have the opportunity to explore the Luang Prabang way of life centred on the slow Lao food culture in a heritage house setting,” a Heuan Chan representative said.

“Fresh, organic, and seasonal ingredients are the focus of Lao cuisine. You will take the recipes and cooking methods home with you.”

Heuan Chan Heritage House offers a morning class (09:00 to 13:00) and afternoon class (15:00 to 19:00). Participants will visit the historic house’s exhibits to learn more about Lao customs, ceremonies, and cuisine, and tour the garden to pick fresh herbs for the cooking class.

During the four-hour session, participants will learn how to prepare at least five dishes such as sticky rice, a jaew condiment using seasonal ingredients, and more complex dishes such as laap, soup, and desserts. Cooking students will also learn how to make bowls and containers from bamboo leaves

Refreshments and meals are included, and booking in advance is required.

Visit www.heritageluangprabang.com

Email: info@heritageluangprabang.com

Tel: 030 549 3632