Heh, Luang Prabang…Are You Happy?


Planet Happiness aims to pull Luang Prabang into its orbit, and position the World Heritage city as a global happiness leader, but they need your help.

Planet Happiness measures the happiness of residents living in World Heritage sites. The non-profit aims to enhance the destination’s well-being, safeguard global heritage, and move beyond GDP as the main indicator for success.

What can you do? Take the Happiness Index Survey, and encourage your friends and employees to do the same, before the official Luang Prabang launch early this year.

Head to the newly updated Planet Happiness website and click the link to the Luang Prabang survey, which is available in Lao, English, and other languages.

Then, register your name and take the survey to the end. Once completed and entered, you will receive a “Happiness Scorecard”.   

Planet Happiness collects this data, and will begin building a collective score-card for Luang Prabang and position the city as a leading site.

Paul Rogers, who is a leader in the Planet Happiness initiative, recommends tuning into the online Happiness Leadership Training Webinar on 22-23 January 2019. The seminar will provide community leaders with a range of knowledge, skills and tools to use, and show how to apply the survey results in Luang Prabang. For more details on the online training webinar, click here.

Mr Rogers added that a film company is planning to feature Planet Happiness in a four-part documentary about the Happiness Agenda.

“Planet Happiness has been invited to join the Global Dialogue for Happiness at the World Government Summit in Dubai next month,” Mr Rogers said, and noted Planet Happiness has also been invited to UNWTO’s Asia-Pacific Commission meeting in Bhutan in June.

“As we move ahead with these and other opportunities, we hope to profile Luang Prabang as one of Planet Happiness’ first and leading pilots, which we hope will help position and promote Luang Prabang to a forward looking global audience,” Mr Rogers said.

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Online Training Webinar 

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