Festival & Event Update


Lao festival and event schedules and details for February and March are starting to take shape.

Savannakhet festivalBoun Kabongyay Festival procession

Kabongyay Festival

Savannakhet will hold the Boun Kabongyay Festival from 5-7 February, Ban Phonngam, Atsaphon District to join the Brou people, who were recently recognized by the government as Laos’ 50 ethnic group, in celebrating their culture and food. The festival’s first day will feature a procession through the streets of Atsaphon, with Brou people wearing traditional garb and carrying a banana leaf, known as “kabongyay”. The kabongyay is over 15 metres long, and will be set ablaze at the end of the parade.

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Vat Phou FestivalVat Phou lit up for the festival

Vat Phou Festival

The annual Vat Phou Festival, the largest event in Southern, will take place from 17-19 February at the UNESCO World Heritage site in Champasak. The three day event includes a sound and light show, processions, chanting by monks, and praying, along with a procession that shows highlights districts’ traditional dresses, dancing, and concerts. Boats racing (dugouts), game “catch-ducks”; volleyball and petanque competitions are also organized.

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Vientiane MarathonVientiane Half Marathon happiness 

Vientiane International Half Marathon

The 4th Annual Vientiane International Half Marathon will be held on 3 March 2019, to continue the tradition of bringing thousands of runners to the quiet city of Vientiane Capital for the annual run. Competitions cover 21 km, 10 km and 5 km routes, with prizes in a variety of classes with more than 1,000 runners expected to turn up at the starting line. Registration is open until 28 February.

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Sayabouly Elephant Festival

February dates and details to be announced.

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