Double Tap: Tad Fane Waterfalls Reopen in Southern Laos

Tad Fane, Southern Laos’ iconic twin waterfalls, has reopened its popular viewpoint and over-the-gorge zipline course to tourists, just a 40-minute drive from Pakse.

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Tad Fane marks the forested point where the Champi and Phak Koot Rivers meet at a 120-metre cliff and plunge side-by-side from the Bolaven Plateau, landing together in a single pool. On a windy day, rainbows sometimes appear in the mist.

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Visitors can step down to the cliffside viewing platform to take a bucket-list portrait or selfie with the powerful falls as a backdrop. Tad Fane’s thunder sounds strong on videos, and dronies can hover their craft above the deep canyon for great overhead shots.

Tad FaneClick on photo for short video.

The adventurous can also fly past the falls above the chasm and surrounding forest on a zipline course. The first launch pad leaves the viewing area, as the zipline soars 430 meters over the crater, a drop of almost 260 meters. The treetop landing leads to the next leap, a brief flight over the Champi River to a 160-meter-long suspension bridge.

Tad Fane

Next up is a 170-meter-long treetop zipline across the Phak Koot River, before a short forest hike to the final 240-meter-long zipline that lands near the viewpoint and restaurant.

The restaurant presents a pleasant place to relax after the zipline adventure or viewpoint photo-op. The menu offers fresh coffee grown on the Bolaven Plateau and served hot or cold. Diners will also find Lao tea, cold drinks and snacks on the menu.

Tad Fane

For a more adventurous cup of Bolaven coffee, visitors can dangle from a zipline cable while sitting in chairs at a table. Sip your java and admire this natural wonder with an unrivalled view. You can even zip out on a hammock to take in the scene.

Getting to Tad Fane from Pakse

The drive from Pakse to Tad Fane takes about 40 minutes. Leave Pakse on Route 13 South to the 8 Km Bus Terminal and turnoff onto Route 16 East. Take the well-paved (partial tollway) 4-lane road to Km 38 and a large sign pointing to Tad Fane on the right. Turn down the dirt road, and pass the Tad Fane Resort to the parking area at the Tad Fane viewpoint. Transportation providers and travel agents in Pakse offer transportation and tours in vans and cars.

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