Dokkhounthong Gusethouse

is a great choice for those looking for comfortable and convenient accommodation in Nathuan Village, Haim District, Houaphanh Province. The guest house is situated in the center of the city, next to the main road, making it easily accessible for travelers. The community area and market are also nearby, providing guests with easy access to local amenities. The guest house itself is a 3-story building with a light purple color that gives off a soothing and calming vibe. They offer both twin and single-bed rooms for guests to choose from. The rooms are clean and spacious, providing guests with ample space to store their belongings. The rooms are also equipped with both air conditioning and a fan, ensuring that guests can stay comfortable during their stay. Inside the room, there is a small table and sofa, providing guests with a comfortable space to relax and unwind. The bathroom is also clean and equipped with a water heater, ensuring that guests can take a warm and refreshing shower. If guests need any assistance during their stay, they can ask questions on the first floor of the guesthouse 24 hours a day.