1 June MTF Insights Georgie

MTF Insights: Georgie Walsh @ Laos Hospitality Consulting & Manda de Laos

Georgie is the director of sales and marketing of Laos Hospitality Consulting and Manda de Laos, which is hosting the Marketing and Sales session. This is Georgie’s second MTF, having attended the 2010 event in Pakse. She first heard about the event from Rik Gadella, with who she works with at Pha Tad Ke Botanical Gardens.

What challenges is your business facing in being one part of a multi-venue event?

Manda de Laos is not a traditional meeting space. Our restaurant is spread out in various sections that are surrounded by UNESCO certified heritage ponds, and is designed for relaxed fine dining. This makes it challenging to conduct a traditional style meeting, though we will hopefully be able to create something more interesting and interactive.

MTF replies: This is why we were looking for non-traditional event venues, to stay out of meeting rooms (and) to see the uniqueness of Luang Prabang. Manda de Laos is one of the most beautiful restaurants, and sharing the beauty with the MTF 2017 delegates as a session venue will be a real treat. I am sure the owners will create something really memorable.

What opportunities do you see for your business, and Luang Prabang, in hosting the multi-venue MTF?

Holding this year’s MTF in Luang Prabang will attract a number of travel specialists, journalists, and industry professionals. This gives Manda de Laos as well as other participating host venues the opportunity to showcase the UNESCO World Heritage town of Luang Prabang. This year’s MTF, being a multi-venue event, will really help participants to see a variety of different products and services in many diverse and unique settings.

What is your business doing to meet any challenges you face?

We work closely with the MTCO to discuss any possible challenges that may arise. We also coordinate and discuss ideas and challenges with other host venues and businesses involved with this year’s Mekong Tourism Forum.

Editor’s Note: This concludes the MTF Insight series. I would like to thank those, who provided their input on the MTCO’s groundbreaking event concept, and Jens Thraenhart, the MTCO executive director, for his responses.