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Danish travel writer, Kenneth Karskov, recently surveyed Laos, and reported his findings in Denmark’s largest newspaper Berlinske, telling its 177,000 daily readers to “experience unspoilt Laos” before over-tourism rears its ugly head.  

Laos Tourism Vat Phou

Cruise with Kenneth on the Mekong, read his take on Luang Prabang’s French colonial style, and journey with him to the 4,000 Islands. He offers a great outside perspective, while emphasising Laos as a place where a visitor can really relax and enjoy a truly authentic experience without the tourist hordes.    

Travel Reporting: Experience unspoilt Laos while time is up

25 January 2020, text and photos by Kenneth Karskov

Wow. It is almost inconceivable that there are no more tourists here. The place is Vat Phou in southern Laos, a temple complex in the family of the famous Angkor Wat. Only a few people stroll around the temple ruins this beautiful afternoon, where the last deep glow of the sun paints the complex in mild colors. A child jumps undisturbed from one thousand-year-old mortar to the next, while a small herd of goats graze at the temple entrance.

Laos tourism Mekong boat ride

Here is minimal with visitors and it is actually the tale of this small Southeast Asian country in a nutshell. The experiences are great, the tourist crowds small. Laos has the tranquillity, authenticity and soul that has been able to lure curious travellers to Asia for centuries, but which is hard to find in the region’s more popular destinations today. When hordes of tourists get into crowded tour buses at major attractions in Thailand and Vietnam, traveling to Laos is a breeze for the soul and standing in a corner of a UNESCO World Heritage Temple complex all to itself.

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