Cutting Edge Reports on Covid’s Impact on Travel and Asian SMEs

Download and read these year-end reports on Covid-19’s impact on travel (Deloitte) and its effect on Asian SMEs (ADB). Some of the findings may not be what you expected, others predict a path ahead, and all are extremely insightful.

We Are Lao Downloads Travel Weekly Deloitte Report Covid Travel laos

The 2020-21 annual report, “Travel Weekly Insight”, produced in association with Deloitte, suggests a substantially reduced number of overseas holidays in 2021. Counter to some forecasts, it suggests no significant change in the type of holiday, no great switch to the outdoors or away from luxury hotels, and no shift away from all-inclusive. There also appears to great acceleration in the embrace of technology, albeit this may simply be taken for granted. Download .pdf (5MB)

We Are Lao Downloads ADB SMEs Covid Travel laos

The Asia development Bank’s “Asia Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Monitor 2020” explores the impact on Covid-19 on MSMEs in developing Asia. The report provides a rich set of initial facts and idea for government to develop evidence-based policy-making to support the revival of MSMEs hurt by the pandemic. The report aims to contribute to the ongoing policy discussions on firm-level support measures needed to reignite Asian economies. Download .pdf (1.1MB)


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