Bio Bamboo Launches New Products


Luang Prabang Bio Bamboo has launched a creative new line of home and tourist products with the overall aim of reducing plastic waste while allowing patrons to discover organic, eco-friendly goods.

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Run by Singthong, his wife Nud, and family, Bio Bamboo is located just 10 minutes from the World Heritage Town on the airport road, and also offers a bamboo exhibit house, eco-bar and restaurant.

Sustainable Tourism laos

“We are huge fans of making the best and most creative products that result in zero waste, plastic-free, and eco-friendly living,” said Singthong.

Sustainable Tourism laos

Bio Bamboo started life making bamboo straws, but is now pushing the window for creating other eco-friendly products. The new lineup includes bamboo refill bottles, hemp string, coconut bowls, bamboo tumblers, gourd lamps, coconut bowls, and bamboo baskets.

Sustainable Tourism laos

“Using natural products provides a precious connection to the environment,” Singthong said. “Try them…you’ll love it.”

Sustainable Tourism laos

Visit Luang Prabang Bio Bamboo’s Facebook page.

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