Trekking in Sayabouly

Cut through the limestone karst landscape with cave-pocked cliffs on a Sayabouly adventure.


Trekking in the province centres on the Nam Thang 1,000 Caves Area and Ban Keo, about 45 km south of Sayabouly Town, and a drive along a mountain road. The programs generally include a homestay, an ethnic Khmu village overlooking the Nam Poui River. Though they tend to be short, these treks are considered quite difficult, and include plenty of climbing and narrow underground passages.

Tham Loup & Tham Chia Khiu Circuit

Head out from Ban Keo on a short but tough trek to Tham Loup Cave on a limestone ridge. You’ll tackle a short, steep climb up the tree-lined slopes to the 7x14-metre sink-hole entrance. Climb down into wide cavern that stretches 130 metres to a boulder pile and slit to an isolated jungle valley surrounded by cliffs. A walk across the valley leads to the small backdoor to Tham Chia Khiu Cave at the base of a slope. A wide passage passes a limestone elephant-like formation, and then a climb down delivers you to the cave’s large actual entrance and another tunnel. This passage drops over a cliff and through a hole to a natural staircase with portholes to the outside. Return to the exit and walk back to Ban Keo.   

Tham Nam Lot Tunnel Exploration

Hike about 1 km from Ban Keo to Tham Nam Lot Cave and a super-thrilling guided journey. Follow the Nam Tham stream as it cuts a 1-km tunnel through the darkness. You’ll get totally soaked during the underground trek, and there’s no escape until you reach the end and the walk back to the village. 

Tham Pha Keo Climb

Climb the cliffs above Ban Keo to Tham Pha Keo, “The Crystal Cliff”, which appears to glow when viewed from across the Poui River Valley at certain times of the year. This cave is a close walk from Ban Keo village. However, the steep climb to get to its mouth makes the cave a moderate trek. For any other cave trips discuss with your village hosts.

To book these tours, contact the Tourism Information Centre in town. 


Sayabouly: The Land of Elephants
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