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Long-standing team leader in Laos for Italian and Spanish groups, Marco Girelli recently reported an unexplained oddity he inspected at Phou Asa in Champassak Province.

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Luang Prabang’s coffee culture cuts across all tastes, both in your mouth and your head. Sit down with locals for an early morning cup of Lao coffee with thick sweet cream. Stop at a café serving high-demand, northern Lao java, or type on your tablet in an upscale setting serving pastries with your afternoon caffeine jolt.

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“Mega” Mark Jones takes a backwards view of Laos’ most popular circuit in his updated guide, “The Thakhek Motorbike Loop Trip”. Mega ventures clockwise from the provincial capital on a 4-plus day journey into the Loop’s caves, swimming holes, viewpoints and hiking trails.

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After a recent tour, intrepid Asia blogger Mark “Mega” Jones has updated “The Bolaven Plateau Motorbike Loop Trip” to guide independent travellers and groups deeper into the rarely explored circuit.

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In the early part of December 2019 I was fortunate enough to be part of an epic kayaking adventure down the Xebangfai River, in an amazing wilderness area in Khammouane Province, Central Laos. The trip covered 60 km of the river (skirting the Hin Nam No National Park) and culminated in exiting through the immense Xebangfai Cave, currently considered to be the world’s largest river cave.

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High in the mountains of Laos lives a minority society, a group of people with a clan system strong in cultural traditions, forged by centuries of animism and ancestral worship and working the land, that they have survived war, desolation and years of oppression. This is the home of the Hmong.

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On 18 February 2019, We Are Lao reported “Salavan Opens Secret Waterfall and Caves”. At the same time, Mark Jones, from, began enquiring about Phouphasouk National Park, home of the attractions.

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Bikepackers have something BikingMan Laos entrants don’t...time to enjoy the tourism gems along the race route.

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A loop with three waterfalls, three provinces, and the coffee harvest highlighted the fourth and final day of hitting Southern Laos’ highlights.

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The northern view from the Champasak Grand Hotel presented the bookends for the next two days. Stop 1: a giant glistening golden Buddha surrounded by green at hillside Vat Phou Salao across the Lao-Nippon Mekong Bridge. End game: check out the ongoing development of Pakse’s riverbank.

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