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With a large number of the popuation employed as farmers, Laos is the perfect place to experience rice cultivation. Asian Trails enable this on a tour close to the country’s leading tourism attraction, the heritage city of Luang Prabang.

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Mega Mark Jones dives deeper into the Thakek Loop with a recent update that includes seldom seen attractions, new activities, and a circuit to avoid dangerous Route 13 on a 4-5-day motorbike journey.

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Phongsaly is a beautiful mountainous area known for its agriculture and ethnic diversity. It is the northern-most province of Laos, sandwiched between China to north and west and Vietnam to the east.

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I sat sweating near Vientiane’s Hospital 103, waiting for the bus downtown, while watching traffic. Then, this vehicle appeared like no other. It looked like a hybrid between a military machine and camper, with a sticker on the side. “Rockin’ Rosie on Tour”.

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Tucked away up the Nam Ou river is a small town called Muang Ngoi. It’s a place to come if you want to detach a little from the outside world, sit in a hammock and read a good book.

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Early in the millennium, a UNESCO team guided a handful of trekkers along a trail in Luang Namtha to a remote Khmu village. Feedback from this pioneering group of tourists would help design the country’s first Community-Based Tourism (CBT) activity, the Ban Nalan Trek.

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“Mega” Mark Jones has updated loads of pages on his blog site MegaWorld Asia to give readers a better experience.

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Danish travel writer, Kenneth Karskov, recently surveyed Laos, and reported his findings in Denmark’s largest newspaper Berlinske, telling its 177,000 daily readers to “experience unspoilt Laos” before over-tourism rears its ugly head.

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Marco Girelli, a leading tour guide in Laos for Italian and Spanish groups, recently took guests on a one-day tour from Vang Vieng to Phonsavanh. Along the way, they ventured through amazing #Laos #landscapes to Phatang Mountain, Than Jang Caves, and a Hmong village. Go with Marco on a photo tour of this adventure.

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News of Green Discovery Laos’ latest adventure, Rock Viewpoint, went viral on Lao social media from the minute it opened in Khammouane in December 2019. The assortment of zip-lines, bridges, and “spider webs” presenting unrivalled panoramas immediately soared in popularity, and tourists on the Thakaek Loop have already nicknamed it “The Peak of the Loop”.

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