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Bikepackers have something BikingMan Laos entrants don’t...time to enjoy the tourism gems along the race route.

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A loop with three waterfalls, three provinces, and the coffee harvest highlighted the fourth and final day of hitting Southern Laos’ highlights.

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The northern view from the Champasak Grand Hotel presented the bookends for the next two days. Stop 1: a giant glistening golden Buddha surrounded by green at hillside Vat Phou Salao across the Lao-Nippon Mekong Bridge. End game: check out the ongoing development of Pakse’s riverbank.

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The entrance to Vat Phou is actually the exit of the 1,400-metre-long, six-tiered ancient temple complex.

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Take a trip 18 km from Phongsaly Town to Ban Komaen’s Green Tea Pavilion and its 400-year-old tea plantation, which some say has the oldest tea trees in the world.

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Check out this clip by professional video blogger and elephant advocate, Christopher Lau, who recently visited Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge and the Mekong Elephant Park.

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Pheng telephoned during lunch. “Can you ride on my motorcycle?” Why? Lorry still stuck? “No, it’s gone, but there are landslides.”

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A trumpeting elephant interrupted my morning Mekong coffee on the room’s lawn terrace. Pachyderms were bathing across the river. A few hours later, we shoved off in a narrow wooden vessel to visit them. Wendy, the park manager, greeted us.

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Our program differed from the others on the Shompoo Cruise. They were sailing on the two-day classic Mekong voyage from Luang Prabang to the Thai border. We were jumping ship at Pakbeng.

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Sounds of suppressed laughter are audible in a small farm called Mulberries in Xiangkhoung, Laos, where a group of women, under the eye of a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, huddle over a boiling cauldron of natural dye.

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