Galleries in Laos
Lao art galleries present timeless treasures. Enter the realm of traditional crafts, or check out the rising contemporary art scene. Scour the country’s galleries from north to south, and purchase a special piece of Laos to take home.


Feel the soul of Lao people in their finely woven and intricately embroidered silk textiles. Capture the essence of the country’s culture, nature, and heritage in paintings and photos by top talents. Feel the direction of Laos’ blooming modern artists. Ponder subtle regional differences in traditional crafts on your visits to the country’s galleries, and purchase a piece as a reminder of your Lao experience.  

Northern Laos: Luang Prabang naturally lures artists to its serenity and UNESCO-preserved atmosphere, perfect for stirring creative juices. You’ll find galleries featuring traditional fabric, woven into practical art that can take days to complete. Step into a studio with exhibits by budding contemporary artists. Enjoy showcases of ethnic costumes and crafts few have seen. Pry deeper into other Northern Laos provinces for galleries presenting rarely seen art. Check out each of Northern Laos province’s Top Attractions to discover their Galleries. Click here.

Central Laos: Vientiane Capital attracts hot new artists who want to exhibit their work, and the capital offers loads of galleries for them to share it. Many new galleries are joining the country’s long-established showcases to display the work of Laos’ most creative artisans, painters, sculptors, and photographers. When strolling around town, stop in a few to admire their work, and purchase a piece that reflects your visit. You can also hunt for lesser known galleries in Thakaek. Check out each of Central Laos province’s Top Attractions to discover their Galleries. Click here.

Southern Laos: You’ll find plenty of galleries around Pakse and in Champasak Town in the Vat Phou UNESCO World Heritage landscape. Pottery takes the stage in Southern Laos, along with paintings and photography shining a contemporary light on traditional Mekong River life and the region’s incredible past. Check out each of Southern Laos province’s Top Attractions to discover their Galleries. Click here.


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