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Off Road Adventures in Laos
Gear up for an off-road adventure in Laos. Motocross riders can reach new heights on trails through the clouds. Have a blast on an ATV or hop on a bouncy 4WD ride.


Every day, the Lao motocross legion gasses their way over unknown terrain to forge new trails. And now you can navigate wilderness trails on an off-road adventure. Challenges for all levels of riders await...unimaginable vertical climbs to mountain peaks, tight jungle paths littered with obstacles, and wild water crossings. And you never know what’s around the next bend.    

When it comes to really exploring the depths of Laos, motocross riders hold all the aces. You can power along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the south, and inspect discarded war relics. Motor up the forested north-western mountains to ethnic villages for an overnight stay. Head out on a multi-province excursion, and into the middle of nowhere. Hard-core independent veterans can grab a map, app, and GPS device, and journey into the unknown. Those seeking backup can sign on with a seasoned moto-guide to lead your high-octane adventure.  

You can also experience off-road thrills on an ATV or in a 4WD vehicle at Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Luang Namtha, and Oudomxay. There’s nothing better than a power-driven holiday thrill, especially in Laos, the Last Frontier.

Northern Laos Off Road Adventures

Propel yourself over the trails of Northern Laos, king of the country’s Off-road Adventures. Luang Prabang’s motocross crowd can point you to the right path, or take you on a tour. You can hook up with a dirt bike excursion in Luang Namtha, and navigate mountain trails to remote villages. The off-road fever has also reached Oudomxay, and like its neighbours, offers motocross, ATV, and 4WD adventures. To discover more about Off-road Adventures in Northern Laos, choose a Northern Laos Destination

Central Laos Off Road Adventures

Khammouane is the hotspot for Off-road Adventures in Central Laos, with trails that take all levels of riders into a carnival of dirt and mud. You can reach isolated villages, hidden waterfalls, and incredible caves on two wheels and 4WD alike. Independent riders can rent a bike in Thakaek and head south to explore the sites on the Savannakhet Historic Trail. To discover more about Off-road Adventures in Central Laos, choose a Central Laos Destination.

Southern Laos Off Road Adventures

Hit the more remote highlights of Southern Laos on an organised, multi-day Off Road Adventure, or create your own motocross tour. From Pakse, you can explore the 4,000 Islands, or head to the jungle-covered mountains of Attapeu and the Ho Chi Minh Trail, with stops to inspect war relics, waterfalls, and Nong Fa volcanic lake. Cut north to Salavan’s Ta-Oy district on the Vietnam border, and then ride west to Tad Lo, just a few hours from Pakse. To discover more about Off-road Adventures in Southern Laos, choose a Southern Laos Destination.


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