Visa Procedures

Visa Procedures
Enter Laos fast and easy with a Visa on Arrival. Fill out a short form, pay the fee, get a stamp, and…Welcome to The Last Frontier.


5 Simple Steps

You can get a 30 Day Visa on Arrival at all international land border checkpoints.


Step 1: Go to the Visa on Arrival window for an application and arrival/departure card.

Step 2: Fill out the forms.  

Step 3: Take your passport (valid for 6 months with a full blank page), the forms, a visa photo, and fee, preferably in US dollars or Thai baht, to the immigration window.

Step 4: Hand the officer the above. The officer may direct you to wait at another window.

Step 5: When the officer announces your name, pick up your passport, and you’re in.

If you arrive by air, flight attendants will give you the forms on the plane. After deplaning, proceed to the immigration line.

Note: Be sure to check the dates on your visa.


How Much & How Long?

Tourists from different countries get different deals for entering and staying in Laos.


ASEAN: Passport holders from the 10 ASEAN nations do not need a tourist visa. You still need to fill out the arrival/departure form, and present this with your passport to the officer at the immigration window. There is no charge for the entry stamp. Lengths of stay are 14 days (Brunei and Myanmar) and 30 days (all other ASEAN countries).

Visa-free Asia: Passport holders from Japan (15 days), South Korea (30 days), and Mongolia (30 days) do not need a tourist visa. You still need to fill out the arrival/departure form and present this with your passport to the officer at the immigration window. There is no charge for the entry stamp.

Asia: Most Asian passport holders from countries outside of ASEAN can obtain a 30-day Visa on Arrival for USD 30. Two pay different amounts for 30-day visas: China (USD 20) and India (USD 40). Passport holders from some South Asian countries must apply for a visa at their Lao embassy or consulate. These include Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Turkey.

Overseas: Passport holders from Europe, the Western Hemisphere, and Australia can obtain a 30-day Visa on Arrival. The price varies for some countries: Canada (USD 42), Sweden (USD 31), UK (USD 35), and USA (USD 35). All others pay USD 30, except countries that do not require a visa, including Russia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and former Soviet Union countries, all of which receive a 15-day stamp at no charge.  

Scandinavia 2018: From 1 January-31 December 2018, passport holders from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, can enter Laos without a visa for 15 days.

Note: Those entering on weekends, Lao national holidays, before 08:00, or after 16:00 on weekdays, must pay a USD 1 overtime fee.  

We urge all Travellers coming to Lao PDR to double check with your Embassies the rules, things change overnight. 

Entry Checkpoints

You can enter Laos at 4 airports, and 12 land crossings with 5 countries.


International Airports

Vientiane Capital: Wattay International Airport

Luang Prabang: Luang Prabang International Airport

Champasak: Pakse International Airport

Savannakhet: Savannakhet International Airport


Land Border Checkpoints

From China

  • Mohan, Yunnan – Boten, Luang Namtha

From Myanmar

  • Keng Lat, Shan State – Xieng Kok, Luang Namtha: Lao Myanmar Bridge

From Vietnam

  • Pang Hok, Dien Bien Phu - Tay Trang, Phongsaly
  • Nam Soi, Thanh Hoa - Na Meo, Houaphanh
  • Nam Khan, Nge An - Nam Can, Xieng Khouang
  • Cao Treo – Nam Phao (Lak Xao), Bolikhamxay
  • Lao Bao, Quang Tri – Dansavanh, Savannakhet

From Thailand

  • Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai - Houay Xay, Bokeo: Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge IV
  • Houay Kon, Nan - Muang Ngeun, Sayabouly
  • Tha Li, Loei – Khentao, Sayabouly: Nam Heuang Bridge
  • Nongkhai - Vientiane Capital: Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge I
  • Nongkhai - Vientiane Capital: Thanaleng Railway
  • Nakhon Phanom – Thakaek, Khammouane: Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge III
  • Mukdahan – Savannakhet: Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge II
  • Chong Mek, Ubon Ratchathani - Vang Tao, Champasak

From Cambodia

  • Stung Treng - Nong Nok Khian, Champasak


Getting to Laos

Visa Procedures