Journey Overland to Laos
Turn your journey to Laos into an adventure by travelling overland to The Last Frontier. You’ll find road, rail, and fly & ride routes to 15 Laos destinations from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China, with Myanmar coming soon.
Travel to Laos from Thailand Train Overland Vietnam China Cambodia


From Thailand

Take the next step from Thailand to an authentic experience in Laos. You can follow the well-trod path from Chiang Rai to Houay Xay with boats to Luang Prabang. Explorers heading to Northern Laos can cross into Sayabouly – The Land of Elephants – from remote Nan and Loei, which are easy to access from Bangkok. And there are endless overland ways to reach Vientiane and Pakse. Mekong Bridges from Thailand’s Isan region take you straight to Thakaek and “The Loop”, and Savannakhet with its Historic Trail. Ease into your choice of Lao adventures by coach, van, car, train. Or “fly & ride”. Suggest all those wanting to do a border crossing to double check with their Local Agents on access to Lao PDR.

From Vietnam

Venture through rarely travelled terrain in Vietnam and over some of Laos most scenic mountain passes…they’re all off the well-beaten path. Extend your expedition from Northwestern Vietnam’s Dien Bien Phu to Phongsaly, one of Laos’ least explored frontiers. From Hanoi, you can wind your way to Vieng Xay’s Cave City in Houaphanh. Travel just south of the Vietnamese capital to Vinh and a journey to the Plain of Jars. Vinh also opens the door to northeast corner of The Loop in Khammouane. Further south, cross the wartime DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) in Quang Tri to the Savannakhet Historic Trail. And those with their eyes on Attapeu and Champasak can cross the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail from Kontum to get there. Be among the first to find their way overland to Laos.   

Please double check before you venture onto the border crossings to ensure they are open and allow visa services. 

From Cambodia 

Extend your trip in Cambodia to Southern Laos. Why not travel from Angkor Wat to the Vat Phou UNESCO World Heritage Landscape in a van or minibus? Choose from a range of options to follow the Mekong River from Phnom Penh to the 4,000 Islands and Pakse. Take your time and travel along the Mekong Discover Trail to the Lao border and Don Khone. You can even take a boat for part of the journey. As one traveler said, “You’ve come this far; keep going to Laos.”

Do check the border crossings to ensure a smooth transition into Lao PDR 

From China     

Continue your journey in Yunnan, China and historic Sipsongpanna to the Adventure Capital of Laos…Luang Namtha. Busses take you across the border from Jinhong and Mengla to Luang Namtha Town and the start of you expedition into the mountains and down rivers to ethnic villages frozen in time. And coming soon…a high-speed railway that will speed you there in a blink of an eye. 

Suggest you double check the borders with Lao and China during this transition period in 2023.

From Myanmar

The bridge is built, and the road is there. Stay tuned for the opening of this exciting new way to end Luang Namtha near the Golden Triangle.

( Myanmar is still closed and will be until the civil war is over)  

*Note: If you are going to Laos on a motorcycle or pedaling on a bike, be sure your paperwork is in order. If you are travelling with a group of bikers, ensure a smooth border crossing by hiring a registered Lao guide / Tour company  to meet you at the border, especially at remote checkpoints. 


Journey Overland to Laos