Things To Do In Nature

Join Mother Nature in solitude, wherever you travel in Laos. Trek up primal forest trails to remote ethnic villages in the mountainous north. Explore caves drilled into Limestone Forest’s towering karsts in Central Laos. Admire powerful waterfalls plunging off the Bolaven Plateau’s cliffs in the south. Countless rivers and streams offer activities as they wind … Read more

River & Lake Activities

Want to experience the life of explorers from yesteryear? Take their expeditions to the next level on the rivers and lakes of Laos. Waterways cut through mountains, squeeze through jungles, flow past remote villages, and rest at lakes, and they all lead to the Might Mekong. Along the way, the rivers and lakes present plenty … Read more

Waterfalls & Rapids

The steep mountains of Laos spawn hundreds of rivers and streams searching for the fastest way downhill. Some drop more than 100 metres off cliffs in the thick forest. Others cascade down wide rocky steps or rumble over piles of boulders on the way to the bottom. And the Mekong’s Khone Phapheng Falls is the … Read more


When it comes to caves, Laos is king. Subterranean experiences range from squeezing through crevices to entering spacious grottoes with ancient Buddha images. Cavers of all levels can spend hours examining bizarre rock formations and natural pools in well-mapped cave systems. Boat along underground rivers, sneak around rarely visited crevices, and follow stone paths lit … Read more