Vientiane Province Accommodation

Find the perfect room in Vientiane Province, whether you’re heading for Vang Vieng, looking for a retreat on Nam Ngum Lake.

Vientiane Province Accommodation

Looking for a peaceful riverside hotel or lively resort with water sports? How about a quiet bungalow in nature? Vientiane’s top tourism spots offer more than 250 places to stay that meet every taste and budget.

Vang Vieng is heading upscale, with hotels and resorts for families, Millennials, and Baby Boomers replacing many of the backpacker bungalows and simpler guesthouses. The top resort rooms open to balconies overlooking the Nam Song River backed by limestone cliffs for $100-250, though there are plenty of 3-4-star riverside hotels in the $30-80 range. Bargain hunters can find great deals in town like 3-star accommodation for less than $35, and some have swimming pools and gardens. Simpler hotels and guesthouses are available for $10-20, but may lack some modern facilities.

Looking for an alternative retreat? Stay in Tha Heua, a favourite among residents of Vientiane Capital. Located on the northern shore of Nam Ngum Reservoir, just 20 km south of Vang Vieng, the small port town offers accommodation on the tops of submerged mountains. A few 2-3-star resorts, with rooms between $50-130, offer jet skis, kayaking, and other water sports. Bungalows go for around $25 and a room in a guesthouse can be found for under $15.

The reservoir’s southern area presents three locations, from where you can experience the sites and lake activities. You’ll find a few 2-3-star resorts on the shore with rooms in the $25-70 range. Some have swimming pools and offer boat rides, and one features a casino and golf course. Some travellers prefer to stay on the tranquil Nam Ngum River near Route 10 with attractions within a bicycle ride.

Several guesthouses with rooms in the $10 range are available in Thalat Town, where Route 10 encounters the Nam Ngum, and is a popular stay-over for travellers going to Luang Prabang. Further downriver towards Toulakhom, you’ll find villas with river view balconies, gardens, and swimming pools for $20-30. Another overnight stop for Route 13 travellers is at Phonhong, with several establishments offering rooms from $10-25 per night.