Luang Prabang Waterfalls

Several waterfalls tumble down the mountains around Luang Prabang Town. Some have developed the fall’s environment into nature parks with botanical gardens, zip lines, and camping.

Luang Prabang Waterfalls


Kuang Si Waterfalls

Plan on spending time at Kuang Si Waterfalls, one of Luang Prabang’s most popular attractions. Follow the trail as it climbs alongside the multi-tier, 200-metre-high falls with numerous turquoise pools. You’ll finally reach the main cascade that drops 60 metres in a cloud of mist. You can swim and swing from ropes in marked areas, and bridges and platforms cross Kuang Si, offering great photo ops.

Enjoy a picnic with food from stalls at the entrance, where you’ll also find rare Asian bears in the Bear Rescue Centre’s tailored habitat. The falls are about 30 km south of Luang Prabang Town, with the Kuang Si Butterfly Park presenting a great stop during the trip. Transportation and tours by local operators are readily available.

Tad Sae

Tad Sae presents a waterfall with a twist just southeast of Luang Prabang Town. A Nam Khan River tributary falls off a short shelf and spreads into a wide rocky platter of pools separated by islands of trees. The limestone bowls, perfect for a dip, overflow into the next tier of puddles, before disappearing into the forest. Tad Sae is also a nature park offering zip lines across the falls, picnic areas, and nature trails. To visit Tad Sae, sign up for a tour, or travel independently by motorbike, tuk tuk or minivan, and head 18 km to the entrance at Ban En Village.  

Hoy Khua Waterfall

Dive into a waterfall adventure at the 30-metre-high Hoi Khua (100 Families Waterfall) on a 20-hectare recreation area within a short drive from Luang Prabang Town. Tackle a zip-line obstacle course with a net crossing and rope hurdle. Take a stroll on a nature trail through a flower garden and jungle. You’ll find a swimming area, restaurant, and campgrounds for a picnic or overnight stay. Hoy Khua was named after the 100 families living in the village. Several local tour operators offer Hoy Khua on their itineraries.      

Tad Mork

Adventurers staying at Nong Khiaw can take a 2-hour boat cruise on the Nam Ou to a 1-hour trail to the Tad Mork Waterfall, which has pools for a swim.

Unexplored Luang Prabang Waterfalls

  • Tad Thong
  • Tad Ngai