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Sekong Waterfalls

You can visit the province’s waterfalls dropping off the eastern ridge of the Bolaven Plateau and into their waterways leading to the Sekong River.


Tad Faek

Tad Faek interrupts a wide stretch of the Sekong River with a 5-metre-high rock ledge. It creates a large upper pool for swimming, and a lower, boulder-lined pool, home to the sharp-toothed pa pao puffer fish. To reach Tad Faek, take Route 11 towards Attapeu, turn off at Km 14.5, and follow the road for 2.4 km to the falls’ entrance.

Tad Hua Khon

Visit this natural roadside wonder on Route 11 at the Se Nam Noi Bridge crossing to Attapeu. A 7-metre, dam-like ledge obstructs the Xe Nam River at the Tad Hua Khon (Waterfall of Heads). Here, the waters calmly pour over a smooth 100-metre barrier into a lake. Tad Hua Khon earned its name after a WW2 battle, when Japanese soldiers decapitated Lao forces and tossed their heads into the falls.  

Tad Katamtok

Delve deeper into the thick jungle to where the tree-shrouded Houay Katam River explodes 100 metres off a cliff at Tad Katamtok, and crashes in a blinding fog of mist. The deep pool at the base eventually calms, and the river lazily continues. You can access the falls near Sekong Town from Route 11.

Unexplored Sekong Waterfalls

Tad Nokkhao: Nong Bong Village, Lamarm District, 19 km from Sekong Town.

Tad Lavan: Café Village, Thataeng District, 29 km from Sekong Town. 

Tad Mohone: Senetai Village, Thataeng District, 54 km from Sekong Town.          

Tad Pa-Ao: Senetai Village, Thataeng District, 52 km from Sekong Town.   

Tad Oak: Darkcheung Village, Darkcheung District, 105 km from Sekong Town.


Tapping into Remote Sekong

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